Play Station 4 vs Xbox One, Which would you rather buy?

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One, these are next-gen video game consoles from tech giant companies which are Sony and Microsoft respectively. They are the latest and highest performing set of consoles especially because of their graphics and other interactive support for players. These consoles are so good that most game lovers find it difficult to tell the better between the two – Play Station 4 or Xbox One. Truthfully, it majorly depends on the preference of the user and what they like. To enlighten you more on which you would rather purchase and enjoying playing, here is a review of both consoles.

Introduction, Appearance and Design

Starting with the Xbox One console, this console is big and chunky, and has lots of perforations although it doesn’t heat up. This gives the Xbox a rugged and strong feel.

PlayStation 4 on the other hand is a bit smaller than the Xbox One, and lighter too.  It can fit and look pretty well in most locations where you may want to keep the console. PlayStation 4 doesn’t come with the bulky power pack that comes with Xbox One.

Game Selection and Performance

Upon playing games with these consoles, it was commonly said that the length of a game played on a PlayStation 4 is longer than that of Xbox One. This may not be a yard stick to choosing whether to play PlayStation or Xbox games. Somehow, developers seem to have focused more energy on releasing games with longer stages than Xbox One for PlayStation 4; things might change over time for Xbox games.

Apart from that, the graphics on Xbox One consoles carry a whole lot of weight and perfection compared to PlayStation 4.

Media Streaming

PlayStation is simple in terms of media streaming; you can connect your USB stick to the console and play media files. Sony entertainment is currently working on leveraging media streaming support on PS4 consoles sometime in the future but Xbox One has more support than this. With Xbox One, you can actually play, and stream media and games online. Considering the fact that your Microsoft account is synced with your Windows PC (if you use one), you can actually view and do many stuffs from your Windows PC and your Xbox console working together. With a monthly subscription, you can also get to watch cable with some amazing channels on your Xbox console. In fact, if it’s a matter of media streaming, Xbox is a total winner.


In as much as both controls seem alike, the Xbox controllers are known to have more width and may have more weight too. Also, when discussing controllers for gaming, we should bear a couple of things in mind such as the size, weight, and how comfortable it is when you’re holding and playing games with it. The controllers for PS4 and Xbox One are different from that of the predecessors (PS3 and Xbox 360), they’re both comfortable yet the Xbox One controllers still comes a bit larger than those of the PS4. For PS4, they are amazing and very comfortable to use and it’s difficult to pick which is better among both. If you fancy sparks and designs, the PlayStation control (Dual Shock) is the way to go. The controllers come with lighting indicators located at the front of the pad; the lights display various colours to tell who Player 1 or Player 2 is when playing games.

Storage and Ports

HDMI support on the Xbox has been improved by Microsoft, this should help extend your gaming experience, and you can connect the ports to a projector or bigger screen.

PlayStation also has a good support for this and it’s in fact easier to connect and work with its ports.

In terms of storage, both the consoles possess the same size being 500GB but this memory space is definitely upgradeable to about 2TB (Terabyte) especially on PlayStation 4.

Accessories and Peripherals

Both of these consoles have support for use of external cameras; the cameras are used with the controllers when playing certain games. However, many players barely find the camera of PS 4 useful which could have been the same with Xbox One but due to the voice command and body movement gesture features available on Xbox One when playing games; using the peripherals and accessories on Xbox One seem to have proved more useful than the camera pod that was made for PlayStation 4.

Conclusion and the Future of Both Consoles

Sony is preparing PS4 for streaming and virtual reality in the future too with PlayStation Now, PlayStation TV and Oculus Rift-rival PlayStation VR (previously Project Morpheus) on the fact that the console has more fans, support, and more games available for it.

Xbox on the other hand, is still been preferred by many people because of its apps such as the Xbox Live among others that are quite flexible because of their sync abilities than PlayStation 4. Overtime, Xbox One console seem to have more exclusive games while PlayStation 4 has a higher number of every other game types.

Is it the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One that makes it for you in this battle? Whatever your choice may be, you can always head over to any online store like Kaymu to pick the console of your choice.

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